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When was the last time you sat down to watch Doctor Who expecting to learn something new and exciting about science? Now, when was the last time you found yourself scratching your head at the form of “science” you were actually handed? We have all come to expect that we need to suspend disbelief to enjoy a program about a time-traveling alien with a police booth for a spaceship, but how far are we really expected to suspend it for a show that is, by genre, science fiction?

This week, we discuss those episodes that push viewers out to the very edge of believable science, and then give an extra nudge for good measure. From the oft-maligned “Kill the Moon”, to “Closing Time” to “Carnival of Monsters”, we discuss all the episodes that make us look around in confusion and say, “…what?”




3 Thoughts on “When Science Takes a Holiday”

  • Since Doctor Who is set in a Universe where stars disappear and it does not take years to see them disappear, it can not be a universe where the speed of light is restricted and so the laws of relativity do not exist in that universe, it probably follows that every scientific principle in our universe are not the same in his. Therefore all that we see in the tv show possible in his universe. That explains why computers blow up when faced with a paradox, the Brig can leave Unit to be a teacher in 1977 and still be the Brig in 1980. and why Perri’s accent is actually accurate, that being the way American girls sounded in the 80’s in that universe.

    • I was with you right up until the comment about Peri’s accent. That travesty is wrong in any and every universe.

      • I concede that even an alternative science in an alternative universe can not explain her accent. Mind you it fooled me back in 1985 when there were no podcasts to find out what real Americans sound like. I’m rubbish with accents. The last American I met, I thought he was English, but for some reason had an unusually deep voice. You just don’t expect to find an American Morris dancer on the Isle of Wight.

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