“I can see we’re going to get on famously.”

What defines a “classic”? Does it have to do with age, or tenure? Does it have to have a history of particular acclaim, or be aligned with others of similar stature? Is it a title applied to those things that represent or harken a pivotal moment in time?

Or does it have to do with having two (and a half) entertaining heroes helping an oppressed populace to rise up and cast off the chains applied by a mad, exploitative, cruel regime represented by two of the most lunatic, cartoonish power figures ever to levy insane taxes?

We all conclude that this Season 15 satire by story editor Robert Holmes is one of the gems of the Fourth Doctor era, as humorous as it is scathing. From the oily, lovable villainy of the Collector and Gatherer, to the endearing TARDIS console room chatter by Baker, Jameson, and Neeson, to the bite of the statements the story makes about taxation and corporate greed, it’s one that bears rewatching and recommendation across the board. Free straight jackets and jelly babies with every purchase!