What. What did we watch again?

Torchwood is a darker, more edgy, more risque series than its DW parent, but being under the watchful eye and creative control of RTD in the early series, it still had a fair degree of camp, predictability, and moments when the “FWD>” button looked enticing. But it seems like there is always an equilibrium to be found if you take in each episode on a broader scale: slow scenes have interesting artistic design; cliche monologues are delivered with admirable conviction; dramatic score distracts us from clunky blocking.

The third episode of the first Torchwood season appears to be a bit of “viewer’s ret-con” for most of us, as we can’t really recall any details having seen the story in years past…though we know we did. Does that mean it’s not particularly memorable, or that it just treaded water as an acceptable episode, with nothing particular that stands out for good nor bad? We discuss the strange nature of the eponymous machine itself, the “come-uppance” that Owen so richly deserves, and the ever-endearing relationship between Gwen and Rhys. Oddly, we appear to glaze completely over the shooting range scene. Make what you will of that.

EXTRA: We ask each other, and you: would you rather attend a convention that is small in budget and attendance, but remains focused on a single fandom (say, Doctor Who), or a larger convention that expands in scale and crowd, but ensures a dedicated Doctor Who track among many other represented fandoms?