Torchwood - Fragments

‘Digging’ through the back catalogue

Sure, Gwen’s entrance in the series pilot sets up our simultaneous eye-opening experience to the wild, weird, and worrisome world of Torchwood Hub 3, but after two years, isn’t it about time we learn why the rest of this odd squad are hiding under Millennium Centre?

The second season of Torchwood makes an interesting choice by going with a set of flashback sequences for its penultimate episode. We discuss the entry points for Jack, Tosh, Ianto, and Owen, a debate over whether this was the right moment in the series to give the viewers such a development, and chat briefly about the clever “bookend” to these origin stories that brings not one but two surprises into the upcoming finale.

**NOTE: No pterodactyls were fed any harmful sweets during the making of this podcast.