Four to Doomsday

What time is Flesh Time again?

You can pin the exact moment where Christopher Bidmead’s departure from Doctor Who as story editor becomes apparent. The tenuous grasp he maintained on some semblance of scientific or mathematical plausibility — even for a program that has done some admittedly wonky sci-fi stunts to date — slips away like so many Time Lords on a failed space walk.

We delve into the Fifth Doctor’s first post-regeneration story, involving a trio of nefarious space-frog-avocados and more than a bit of concerning cultural and racial depictions. While the story is adequate and unencumbered by the sort of twists and power struggles we’ve questioned before, it also fails to really hit a particularly memorable note, save the disturbing representations of POC, and the chaotic and rather abrupt conclusion in the last minutes of the final episode.

Oh, and Adric has immediately transformed into a right twat.