Much Ado About Eavesdropping

Oh hello there, Captain Shouts-a-Lot! And if it isn’t Graff the Ever-Suspicious, and his burly bromance, Sholakh! Is that an electric french-fry blaster at your side, or are you just angry to see me?

With rocks in our pockets, and a fool-proof plan to slip out undetected, we set down to enjoy the arrival of Romanadvoratrelundar in the Season 16 opening story. The story is tight and engaging, the supporting cast has a delightful (and barely contained) level of amplification, the sets and costumes are excellent, and the new K9 Mark II is finally quiet(er). Top all that with one of the best Whovian confidence-men this side of the Meddling Monk, and you’ve got a winner-winner-Shrivenzale-dinner of a story.

No official Doctor Who presence at SDCC, and as of this date, none for the upcoming NYCC event. Is there something amiss in Cardiff?