Seriously, humans are the WORST.

Science fiction is supposed to give us a break from reality, a modified, hyper-realized or even completely implausible universe where incredible things can and may happen. What happens when the range of fiction draws so narrow, the horrific creatures we fear and

When the Torchwood team heads to the country, the storytelling takes a notably dark and distressing turn. Oddly enough, we’re all really happy to see it happen. Chibnall gets kudos for writing an episode that — while referencing the story — completely grinds “Cyberwoman” to chuck, we all lament the continuing problems with Owen’s initial character construct and the way it ruins everything that follows with him, and Barrowman actually proves to be the weakest link in the cast for the first time.

In short, why did we actually like the story so much? [whisper] ‘Coz it made us happy…