Dan Starkey

Dan Starkey had a moment to ponder what American television programs his repertoire of characters could make appearances in. Seconds later, he popped up excitedly: “The ‘Big Bang Theory’ would be wonderful. Strax and Sheldon Cooper would clash brilliantly.” He drops immediately into the Sontaran’s eloquent grumble. “I fail to see any demarcation on this seat indicating that it is, in fact, ‘your spot’, human filth.”

Given only a few minutes to talk to Mr. Starkey on the opening day of the Long Island Doctor Who convention (L.I. Who 3), we knew that it would be a challenge to discuss all the topics we wanted. The actor being an improvisational genius, and an immensely affable and charming bloke to boot, we had no trouble running the list, and learning some fascinating things about his work on Doctor Who as Sontarans and Elves, his demands both physically and vocally for television and audio drama, and more.



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  • Wow. Just Wow. Peter Capaldi. What a wonderful season. Looks like the Doctor found Gallifrey. Could it be a bate and switch? Perhaps. But I think Moffat and everyone else made the right decision to not have series 8 be the search for Gallifrey. After the 50th Anniversary, I wanted the quest for the Doctor’s lost planet; however, having Capaldi’s Doctor look within himself made for much more interesting drama, like in the classic Listen episode. Now that we are in series 9, which I believe has been spectacular, we see the bond between Clara and the Doctor grow beyond something stronger than shipping. It’s deeper than a romance story. It’s two mates traveling in time and space together, keeping each other in check.

    The Zygon episode with all the multiple meanings behind the slogan, Truth or Consequences, is brilliant. You know you have a good show on your hands when two 2 part episodes like the Magician’s Apprentice and The Zygon Invasion are just seen as Meh. I understand that praise was given, but I have heard more noise about other television programs this year more than Doctor Who. If I had never heard of Doctor Who, and someone popped these episodes in, even if I didn’t become a fan, I would admit that those episodes were unique. And how chilling was all the Truth and Consequences talk right before the tragedy in France? The relevancy of this season has just been impeccable.

    Maise Williams’ performance as Ashilda/Lady Me/Mayor Me are brilliant. She virtually played the same character 3 times, but with different shades of nuance.

    Here is something. I forgive Sleep No More. I tell you why. With the awesomeness that led up to that point, and all the tragedy that happened afterwards, Sleep No More is like a last adventure. The Doctor and Clara, in the TARDIS, taking on the universe. I know Sleep No More caused a lot of controversy, but if you watch the episode again, the highlight of it to me is that Capaldi and Coleman are good together in it. Go back and watch Ghostlight. I don’t know if I like it, but the banter between Ace and the Doctor is actually on point. Better than most episodes.

    And then there is Heaven Sent. My lord. I woke up the next morning thinking of the episode. The more the Doctor punched into the wall, the further in the story he was able to get in the Brother’s Grimm. That blew my mind. I love all the Doctors, but Capaldi is the right actor for these stories. Just wow.

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