Jodie Whittaker, The Thirteenth Doctor

For over 53 years, the Doctor Who program has gone through a number of changes and evolutions: sometimes written into the construct of the show; other times in reaction to circumstances unforeseen. It is a complex and often messy collection of stories and characters. Doctor Who promotes the intellectual pursuits, the defense of those who call for help, the ethics of brains over brawn. It has attempted to be both a reflection of the issues familiar to the viewing audience, and an escape from those issues into the world of pure science fiction. There have been omissions in these efforts, however, and one that is clear to both those familiar and unfamiliar with the program is that, despite the conceit that the titular character can completely change their physiology at a point of mortal ailment, at no point among the dozen (plus) actors blessed to portray the Doctor, has a single one been a woman.

Until today.

With a single minute video announcement that rocked the foundations of one of the most globally recognized science fiction programs in history, the role of the Thirteenth Doctor has been handed to Jodie Whittaker — and we could not be more thrilled.

Joined by fellow podcasters Danica and Brandon of Doctor Whooch, we spend a full hour on the subject of the Thirteenth Doctor casting decision, looking at the impact of such a momentous step in the evolution of the show, making sense the reactions of the public, reviewing the career and talents of Ms. Whittaker, and considering the ways we might keep ourselves from going insane waiting until as late as 2019 for Series 11, and the beginning of this bold new era.