And now, for something completely different.

By its very construct, this program gives us opportunities to make changes to plot, tone, theme, characters, virtually every aspect of the story. These changes could be vast and sweeping in scope, or could just as easily be more subtle steering adjustments that are only detectable after a number of episodes have passed. When news of incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall’s plans to make point after point of changes to Doctor Who started reaching fans’ eyes and ears, a great deal of unease (if not unrest) ensued. No story arcs? No familiar adversaries, or even¬†returning characters? No Murray Gold? No Christmas story? As any engineer or scientist will tell you, the more variables you introduce to the equation, the vastly greater the margin of error. Ten episodes later, where would our complex, confounding program be?

Right where it needs to be, quite frankly.

After rewatching and processing the ten installments of Series 11, we look at the season in total, and the impression it leaves on us in retrospect. We assess the series as a storytelling set, identify our highs and lows, and comment on the performances of cast, crew, production teams, and showrunner. We spend some time looking at the positive impact Jodie Whittaker’s portrayal of the Doctor has had upon the Whovian community, and cast an eager eye to the (rather distant) horizon in anticipation of what Series 12 — and the next step in Chibnall’s supposed “five year plan” — could explore.

And from all of us here in the GPR studio, have a safe, warm, wonderful holiday season, and we’ll see (or…talk to) you in the New Year!