geekationTake 30 sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and tech enthusiasts, give them 4+ days away from all responsibility, and release them in the desert. No, it isn’t a new, dorky season of Survivor, but it is Geekation 2014, the nerd-meetup event in Las Vegas where laughs were had, drinks were consumed, dollars were spent, and in the thick of it all, we recorded a live podcast about the upcoming Season 8 of Doctor Who, and discussed the facts and fantasies behind the episodes to come this fall. That’s right. (We went to Sin City to talk about television programs. You know. Like you do.)

We also welcome Whovian and fellow GonnaGeek Network podcaster, Haley, to offer her insight and opinions on the writers and directors for S8, the Search for Gallifrey, and the likelihood of seeing some ‘old friends’ make an appearance alongside Mr. Capaldi.