Ask any Whovian how, if given the chance, they would make changes or alterations in the course of Doctor Who, and every last one of us would begin on a litany of hypothetical ‘tweaks’ without much hesitation. Whovians are by every definition of ‘fanaticism’ rather passionate about the program they adore, and like any proud family member, want to see if thrive and succeed in even greater ways than it already does. But would an episode appearance of K-9 being voiced by Gilbert Gottfried really add to the show’s legacy? Is a noxious return of the Slitheen really in the best interest of the program?

This week, we and our loyal listeners don the showrunner’s mantle for the sake of argument, and discuss what small steering adjustments we might make to Doctor Who to date, and yet-to-come, to see how such modifications might impact the show either in its history or its future development. Being time-travel enthusiasts, you know you’ll have to watch for the Butterfly Effect when making any casting or plot tweaks, no matter how seemingly innocuous. So prepare to play a few rounds of “What If”, the Doctor Who Edition.

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One Thought on “Showrunner For A Day”

  • If I were the show runner in any era during the Tom Baker era or afterwards, I would reproduce Shada. That needs to be added in Doctor Who continuity. A prison planet of Time Lords. That is awesome. I would’ve also made a bigger deal of the 5th Doctor seeing Susan in the 5 Doctors. One last thing…I would give Missy her own TARDIS.

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