The Year of the Woman?

Series Nine of Doctor Who was, in a word, groundbreaking. The broadcast format changed. The tone shifted dramatically (pun intended, of course). The stories grew in intensity and weight. The performances from both principal and supporting casts expanded exponentially. The series as a whole felt cohesive, focused, and full of the thrills, adventure, and emotion that marks a stellar season for the program. Over and above all these accolades, and in many ways directly feeding into them, was the rising […]

The Zygon Inversion

How forever righteous is the spark that ignites the fires of rebellion? Is it always the casting down of shackles that have held back the multitudes, the rise of the oppressed against tyranny, as they realize their strength in numbers and move as one to claim their freedoms? Or could it be nothing more than a chaotic, irrational lash at authority for no other purpose than to feel empowered, an incitement of disorder as a demonstration of might, to feel important through fear, and striving […]

Osgone, But I’m Back Now!

It was suddenly announced by the BBC that Ingrid Oliver will be returning to Doctor Who wearing a certain (shall we say, familiar?) character costume, in a Series 9 story that also happens to feature the shape-shifting Zygons. This has led to Whovians the world over simultaneously grinning, and scratching their heads in confusion. This week, we pull the emergency brake to discuss the surprising news of this apparent — or alleged — return of fan favorite Osgood, and how this reappearance could impact […]