Elevator Pitch of Doom

All you wanted was a simple trip down to the ground floor, to grab a fresh cuppa from the fairly trustworthy cafe before dashing back up to your hotel room. Little did you know that when the doors closed, you’d find yourself next to none other than the head of programming for [insert really hip television network here]! Brain reeling, you see this as your big chance to lay out your ideas for that program that you’ve always wanted — but you only have until the lobby light illuminates to make your plea. How are they going to know how desperately you want to see that obscure but compelling character cross over into a new viewing experience? Think fast, O Ye Representative of All Fandom, think so very fast!

This week, we’re playing a little innocuous game dubbed ‘The Elevator Pitch of Doom’, in which we are given a smattering of supporting Doctor Who characters, and have to find ways to utilize them in new program genres and script applications, thus ensuring that the televised world never goes a moment without Whovian influences throughout. It’s for the greater good, after all. THE GREATER GOOD.

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