Mr. Sweet will not be joining us.

Mr. Sweet will not be joining us.

With sincerest apologies, a technical issue beyond our Gallifreyan engineering skills rendered the last podcast episode (for “The Crimson Horror”) dead and gone, as if it were beaten to death by a vengeful daughter coming to the realization of her mother’s cruel manipulation and callous treatment.

Or…well…we could just say the audio got corrupted in a power surge during recording, and we were foolish enough not to have a redundancy recording in place offsite.  Silly us.

In fact, it goes well beyond that snag.  In a series of unfortunate events worthy of Lemony Snicket, this podcast recording should never have happened.  From rescheduling our usual Wednesday recording session because of travel, to my racing back from the airport to join the conference call after a bumbled luggage claim issue, to Jay’s server reboots, to Melissa’s coming down with (yet another you really need more Echinacea) cold, to the power surge that ultimately led to the episode’s demise…

I’m beginning to think the Great Intelligence was behind this in some capacity.  (Incidentally, my GI theory for series’ end is looking tattered and weak, due to a lack fo any sort of connecting thread or buildup whatsoever towards the finale that is supposedly going to “rock the foundation” of the show, but I digress…)  But we keep our chins up, and soldier on, as it were.  We do have some really interesting points of conversation that came up during the lost discussion, and with your kind permission, I’d like to break them up here in the blog so that we can take each apart in greater detail.

Interspersed with the upcoming “Nightmare in Silver” episode discussion (*squee!*), we’ll publish a few posts that touch on the Doctor’s seemingly indifferent or at times comedic reactions to the violence being perpetrated around him; the devolution of the sonic screwdriver into a glorified magic wand; and the lack of a unifying threat or suspenseful theme in this series.

Again, a deep-seated and hearts-felt, “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry” for the missing podcast this week, but we’re learning from our mistakes, and will be right as rain for Mr. Gaiman’s episode, which airs this evening as I write this — with shaking fingers!  Allons-y!