Extraploate! EX-TRA-PO-LATE!

Maybe Terry Nation had an inclination 55 years ago that his idea for an emotionless, methodical horde of killing machines would be explored in over a dozen television stories, as well as novels, audio plays, comic books, tabletop and video games. Perhaps he sensed that the premise of an intelligent but single-minded enemy would make nearly any story more thrilling, because they so often could not be predicted, and certainly could not be reasoned with.

Or maybe he just thought they sounded sinister and fascinating, and the kids would be terrified no matter what plan they were hatching.

Power, Genesis, Asylum, Master Plan, Invasion…five decades of Dalek mayhem launches a lot of schemes for ultimate domination. What if we took a random term like “the marriage of”, and extracted a Dalek plot from it? Over three rounds, the GPR team attempts to reverse-engineer a devious Dalek plan to conquer all of time and space, given a story title that was drawn from a hat.

The result? Haley’s statement says it all: “You told us to make up STORIES. We didn’t say they were going to be GOOD ones.”

EXTRA: We challenge YOU to come up with the plot synopsis for a story title we didn’t tinker with: “The Liquidation of the Daleks”. Best entry sent to us (by email, voicemail, tweet, post comment) by Episode 346 in three weeks will be turned into a Big Finish-style audio play trailer!