Once upon a time, an aspiring musician from the Land of One Thousand Lakes had an idea to create an epic work of song and lyric, in honor of a story that was dear to his heart. Because the Fates don’t always bring opportunity and inspiration to the dining table at the same time, the idea waited. It was patient. It would find its moment. It was a good idea.

Nearly fifteen years passed. Lives changed, new adventures came and went. Some familiar faces departed, new faces arrived. The idea resurfaced. The moment was right. The vast landscape lay open before him. The musician began to compose.

This week, we sit for a session with Christian Erickson of The Sevateem, the Twin Cities-based electro-pop group. They have just released their rock opera “The Caves”, inspired by a love of the Fifth Doctor’s final story, “The Caves of Androzani”. Erickson takes us through the motivation and composition of the concept album, as well as the careful attention paid to honoring the 1984 Doctor Who televised story without attempting to directly retell it as if it were a melodic novelization. He also explains the decision to have all proceeds from the album sale and streaming revenue go to benefit Doctors Without Borders. We also talk through the tone, the choice of multiple vocalists, and a rather interesting bit of creative license taken on the conclusion of a regeneration story.

Hear and purchase the album on Bandcamp: thesevateem.bandcamp.com

The official website: thesevateem.com

On Twitter: @thesevateem

EXTRA: The long-awaited (by us) “The <Blank> of Rassilon” game!