Dalek Time Controller

We all have a fascination with spoken word, to some extent. It’s the reason why we listen to (and create) podcasts, after all. The tale as told by another is a fascination as old as human civilization and possibly older, and the more skillful the bard, scrivener or storyteller, the more enthralled we become, as their words create mental images richer and more complex than any painting or tapestry. Is it any wonder, then, that within the fictional universe created specifically for a visual medium, we find ourselves fascinated by the stories shared only with our ears?

For over fifteen years, the production team at Big Finish Studios have gathered the talent, directors, writers, and editors necessary to create a working team responsible for some of the most compelling, emotional, and altogether entertaining stories the Doctor Who franchise has known. “We love stories”, as their tagline clearly indicates, and the evidence is clear. Through their craft, we know the Eighth Doctor better than we could have imagined, much to all our benefit. We learned the softer side of “Old Sixie”. We learned to fear Zagreus, the Viyrans, and the Dalek Time Controller. We met some of the best friends imaginable, in Evelyn, C’rizz, Molly, Lucie, Erimem, Liv…even Frobisher, the giant talking penguin.

This week, Jay and Keir discuss just a small segment of the many characters, plot arcs, villains, and other story elements that Big Finish has brought to Whovians that could not only adapt easily to the televised series, but would arguably be extremely well received by viewing audiences. We say “arguably”, because why else would we hypothesize such things, if not to get a lively discussion going, right? That’s “discussion”, not “flame war”. (Start that discussion in the comments below!)

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3 Thoughts on “Audio Killed the Video Script”

  • Just a quick question about the 8th Doctor on big finish. Did they address the whole half human aspect of it? I have yet to be able to get into big finish, mainly due to lack of monies, (maybe if I hadn’t purchased 15 sonic screwdrivers over the course of the summer I could). I really do wish to get invested in big finish and the stories that they weave.

  • I have not listened to enough to be a panelist, but if they do have this panel, I want to be in the audience.

  • Oh, and if I miss a legitimate explanation as to the “Class” delay, hopefully you guys will update us.

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