The Tenth Doctor Adventures

We’ve spent numerous conversations both on and off GPR discussing the relationships and balance of persona between the Doctor and any given companion in the past, and undoubtedly will continue to do so in years to come, as storyline and casting changes occur. Within the many permutations we’ve witnessed as Doctor Who fans, there may be none that compares to the TARDIS Team that was at once both the greatest friendship, and the most delightful discord, as the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. We still put a clenched hand to our hearts as we reflect on the closure of Donna’s travels with her “Spaceman”, but with thanks to the exceptional writing of Matt Fitton, Jenny Colgan, and James Goss, and the triumphant return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the studios of Big Finish, we can turn the clocks back and enjoy more adventures (and misadventures) had during their time together.

David Tennant & Catherine Tate

This week, we take a listener request to review the first series of The Tenth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish. From hyperintelligent alien adversaries, to the weaponization of time, to the living embodiment of death, Tennant and Tate are so adept at their craft that we might never have seen them leave the BBC Wales set. The Doctor and Donna crash headlong into these stories with every ounce of energy we could wish for, and it’s all we can do to hang on for the ride. We discuss the strength of their symbiotic relationship, the writers’ skills at capturing their dynamic as well as pitting them against foes that bring out the best in both, and in the end, our overwhelming desire — nay, need — to continue these stories for many seasons to come.

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