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A planet-sized library. 4,022 missing people. Hive-minded swarms of shadow piranhas. A team of futuristic archeologists in peril. And among them, one enigmatic professor with a greater knowledge of events than she reasonably should. Need we say more?

It doesn’t take a genius to see why Haley made these episodes her choice for the GPR “Our Favorites” arc. The iconic introduction of River, Donna in full force, the Tenth Doctor’s hair, and of course, the bone-scattering Vashta Nerada. This two-part whirlwind from Steven Moffat is structurally solid, fan-rewarding, and a genuinely thrilling story. Join us as we revisit the Library, toss a few ‘spoilers’ to the wind, and simultaneously say a “Hello, Sweetie” and a fond farewell to River Song.

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4 Thoughts on “Our Favorites: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead”

  • I would like to watch the episodes in the order of River’s introduction to the doctor thru her death (and post death). Can you give me the breakdown?

    Thank you in Advance!

  • One of my favorite episodes: The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. Wonderful mystery, a good dose of horror, some sweet Doctor/Rose moment, and well developed secondary character that you actually care about when they die.

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