When you have the perfect storm of bad ideas: a large group of opinionated Whovians; a desire to watch the Eighth Doctor’s 1996 debut; a plethora of assorted drinks; a readily available set of drinking game rules; and it happening to be St. Patrick’s Day weekend…oh, you get the idea. Mistakes were made.

This week, joined by friends and GPR guests Julie, Tanu, and Raemani, we fill our glasses and provide a less-than-professional commentary to the 1996 Doctor Who “pilot” movie. The rules we tried — TRIED SO HARD — to abide by were as follows:

Suffice to say, the amount of alcohol consumed was countered ounce for ounce by equal volumes of snark. But all was not negative, far from it: Keir was so enthralled (typical), he forgot to cash in his “get out of drinking for 30 minutes” prize until the film only had 12 minutes left.

That’s love, people.



One Thought on “The Doctor Who Movie (Drinking Game Commentary)”

  • Just a couple of thoughts from the most recent podcasts :

    1) Re. Epic Doctor Deaths in Classic Who : the only properly epic death during the first 8 were Four and , arguably, Three. Six and Eight ultimately got somewhat epic deaths, but those were retcons. So, basically, no, Classic Doctors didn’t get Epic Deaths.

    2) Very tangentially related to passing off Canada as America. I was listening to one of the Big Finish plays that had Yee Jee Tso in it, and one of the things that started me realizing it was him was when I started thinking, “This guy sounds *aggressively* Canadian!” I have Maple Syrup running through my veins myself, and I thought nobody could possibly be that Canadian.

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