The Return of Doctor Mysterio

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and with a year like we’ve had, the lyric could not be more apropos. We’ve been (figuratively) starved for new Doctor Who since this time last year, and so with reckless aplomb, and a massive suspension of disbelief, we point one fist to the skies, leap upward in defiance of gravitational pull, and…pick up where the last Christmas special left off.

This week, we find out once again how the Doctor is coping with grief during the holidays, in “The Return of Doctor Mysterio”. Moffat promised us a fun-filled tribute to his comic book fascination in the 1970s and 1980s, and certainly delivers on that note. How does the story hold up against previous holiday offerings? Does it have enough heart to balance the heroism? Does the humour make up for the unfamiliarity of these companions? Were we expecting something more, or different, from a showrunner who has left us wanting for a calendar year? Press on, intrepid listeners…if you dare!

Bonus Segment: Our annual birthday chat with none other than the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann, live from L.I. Who 4!

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