A curmudgeon of a grandfather living with his granddaughter, in a weather-beaten blue box in a London junkyard? Sounds like a great start to show we expect to run for 50-plus years! Greenlight that project, pow-pow-pow!

This week we are kicking off our own take on the “Doctors Revisited” retrospective with a focus on the first Doctor; William Hartnell. While the BBC America series did an exceptional job of compiling interviews and summary information about each Doctor’s tenure, each installment ended with what we were led to believe was Moffat’s own choice for the exemplary episode for that actor (or at least, from his tee-up each month). We may not always agree with that choice, and so we’ll be making our own opinions on the stand-out episodes: The Daleks, and The Tenth Planet.

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2 Thoughts on “The First Doctor’s Appointment”

  • Honestly, what doesn’t sound better in a Scottish accent? I would listen to Peter Capaldi read the telephone book…

    • Agreed, the brogue is a sure-fire winner. I pause to reflect on the voice of Fiona Ritchie, host of ‘The Thistle & Shamrock’… *swoon*

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