Pyramid at the End

Oh, to be the middle child. Often forgotten, overlooked, disregarded, considered to be the “least likely to be a problem”. Such a moniker could be a curse upon the bearer — or a call to action. Sometimes, the “not oldest” and “not youngest” chooses to be something more. Something…enigmatic. (Oh, and sometimes they just become Jan Brady.)

This week, we look to the second component of Moffat’s final trilogy, “The Pyramid At the End of the World”. The Doctor is on to the Monks’ deception, in some small part, but is thoroughly concerned by their abilities and predictive accuracy (given their Matrix-like simulations seen the week prior). We discuss the fate of semi-cybernetic companions, the inexplicable archaic complexity of a modern biotech lab, the odd absence of UNIT, an alien race’s dependence upon ‘consent’, and how the Doctor’s sight factors into this as the “real” world…or is it?

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