We know…trust us, we know…the plodding progression of time, and the seemingly endless waiting that fans of Doctor Who have to be subjected to when series breaks occur. After all, we survived the Nineties, didn’t we? But as spirit-dampening as these months on end seem for any viewing fan, it adds an extra layer of difficulty when you happen to be a podcaster who discusses the program. What do you do to fill the time? What if there are no news items from the studio or creators to hypothesize? What exactly do listeners want to hear and interact with, if we’re all playing the same waiting game? Or is this really anything to be concerned about, when we’re still arguing…er…animatedly discussing…plot points from stories that aired in the 1980s?

This week, we’re joined by good friends and hosts of the podcast, “This Week In Time Travel“, Alyssa and Chip, to discuss the very nature of podcasting about Doctor Who during ‘downtime’ periods. We get into the weeds on airing out long-standing friendly debates, delving into the constant stream of extended materials, and the merits of taking topic cues from the fanbase directly.