There are pivotal moments, singularities if you will, that not only define who we are in the annals of history, but within our own identities. We learn that we are part of a greater purpose, and that our actions — however seemingly trivial — are the beat of a butterfly’s wings that eventually cause the rise of a hurricane. The realization of our interconnectedness, the holistic relevance of all things we say and do, opens our eyes and awareness to a universe vastly greater than we had even imagined. In the face of this incredible and overwhelming epiphany, we have but one reaction — EPIC AIR GUITAR RIFF!

This week, we continue looking at popular film examples of time travel with the late 1980s comedy, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. With a time machine in the guise of a phone booth, a sagely guide from the future and a pair of human companions learning the black-and-white rules (and gray margins) of causality, we can’t help but draw more than a few comparisons to the methods and mechanisms within Doctor Who.

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