There’s always going to be a connection among ancient history, Egyptian mythology, and theories on alien intervention on the Planet Earth. It’s a concept that has been explored so deeply, from sci-fi to actual scientific research, you don’t have to be Giorgio Tsoukalos to be fascinated by the correlation and coincidences. If you offer us an exploration of this tenuous but nonetheless interesting thread between fact and fiction through a Whovian lens, well…you had us at ‘sarcophagus’.

This week, we dive wholeheartedly into this classic among classics, from the 13th season with Sarah Jane and the Fourth Doctor. We are the Sycophants of Sladen. SHE NEEDS NO OTHER. We get invested in the quality of the story, the continuity, the costumes, the new sides of Baker’s performance, and the supporting cast in particular. Even the special effects win us over in large part…with one tiny, insignificant exception. Oh, Sutekh. Keep the helmet on, bruh.