To draw a quote from the great Benjamin Franklin and throw it into an entirely unfamiliar context, it is the first responsibility of every [fan] to question [the showrunner]. We as Whovians, however, may have taken this axiom to a whole new level. There’s no way to be a fan of Doctor Who with access to the Internet, and not hear (at best) the lamentations of how Stephen Moffat is ruining the show in often completely contradictory ways, or (at worst) the cries for his curly head on a pike. But how can Moffat be “running the show into the ground”, when it is simultaneously at the height of its global popularity?

This week, we play devil’s advocate (some might quip “devil’s marketing team”, in this case) and take on the unenviable task of actually trying to defend Steven Moffat and his contributions to the program. Things are likely to get heated here…proceed to the comments at your own risk.

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4 Thoughts on “The People v. Steven Moffat”

  • Actually am here to say Moffat is not and I say not running doctor who… Why in hell some people thinking that… Yes I was blinded by some people (haters) on tumblr ; when he took over the show… But …By the end of season 5 .. I sat and checked all the episodes that I love in NWho & found out that most of them are written by Moffat before he took over the show and after…. So those people (haters) should come with more than words on bashing Moffat… And I am a fan of doctor who since I was 7 (my first doctor is 4th doctor) so am not new fan or young fan…

  • Those that are intent on playing FoxNews/Hannity to Moffats/Obama Administration will hate no matter what he brings.
    However if you are unable to revel in Capaldi’s performance and the life he commands in the Doctor w/ Mr. Moffats parental control, then perhaps reach out to aforementioned FoxNews and convince them Moffats the man behind Obama, and join in on the masters of piss & moan.

  • That being said, he does have a chia pet like head of hair, other than that let the boy alone, and enjoy Doctor Who.

  • Steven Moffat has not put a foot wrong as far as I’m concerned. I have been watching Doctor Who all my life. I have vague memories of seeing cybermen in the ’60’s when I was three years old. I love this show. When it came back 10 years ago I couldn’t have been happier. The first 5 years were great, but the last 5 years have been even better.
    I did give up on the show around 1987 to 1989, but have since bought those stories on d.v.d. They’re not bad. In general I think the ’70’s were better than the ’80’s. But now it is at the best it has ever been and it is Moffat that did that.

    As for the small drop in ratings over here in the U.K. I blame that on putting the programme on too late. A lot of people like to go down the pub on a Saturday night, I know I do, so I had to catch a few episodes on the BBC iplayer.

    Always love the podcast, keep up the good work.

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