For Tonight We Might Die

There are difficulties and challenges dealt with by any teenager, all part of their transition from the carefree days of youth, to the rigors and responsibilities of adulthood. We all encounter them; we all know their faces. Few if any, however, have to contend with the realization that your most acidic and callous teacher is actually a militant alien forced into servitude on this planet, and that your school social dance is about to be overrun by a horde of creatures that feel like a combination of the Vashta Nerada and the Uruk-hai of Middle Earth. But listen, at least we’ve got a banger of a soundtrack to set pace to our frantic running, right?

This week, Keir and Jay skid into the room just in time to fully enjoy the first episode of Class, the eagerly awaited Doctor Who spin-off. It takes no more than the first few minutes to make it clear that we’re not just dealing with a YA-categorized program that is more mature and terrifying dark than the Sarah Jane Adventures ever were; this is arguably more dark than Torchwood on most days.

(Agree, disagree? Chime in on the comments…but SPOILERS BEWARE!)

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