The Krotons

“All right, there’s no need to shout! Now go away, and don’t fuss me. No, come back. What’s this? It’s all right, I know. Right, fire away. I’m ready.”

In a set of episodes that rewards viewers with timeless dialogue (“Oh, my giddy aunt!”), delightfully cold and heartless robotic killing machines, dramatic tension between a partisan populace, and more than a fair share of punches thrown, lasers fired, and chemistry lessons learned, this multifaceted sci-fi story is yet another in the long list of thoroughly enjoyable Second Doctor adventures with Jamie and Zoe.

Jay and Haley put on their best pointy-shouldered armor, gather a sack full of interesting rocks, and queue up the DVD for a rewatch of the 1969 Doctor Who classic, ‘The Krotons’.

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