Classic Rewatch: The Invasion of Time

Pitting our heroes against not one but two formidable adversaries, we look at the six-part coup d’êtat story that ends not only the 15th classic season, but a very important relationship as well. We discuss the unexpected nature of this “Agnew”-penned season closer, the ever-changing nature of the conflict that helps maintain interest through a six-part story, and the unusual performances of Baker and Jameson, given the timing of the production.

Classic Rewatch: Image of the Fendahl

With all the best intentions (and the glowing skull of Eustace) we set out to fully enjoy this horror story from Series 15…but there are a few bumps along the way. Performances are enjoyable from both Baker and Jameson, and the supporting cast does a great job of punching up their roles to suit the story’s brooding horror. The script from Chris Boucher gives us a buffet-table of entertainment options to pick at. But is the meal satisfying once the dishes are cleared?