Wait, that was the entire season?

Locked inside, all on our own, with nothing but our thoughts about this latest season of Doctor Who to occupy our minds. It’s enough to drive one…oh hey, look outside! A little bitty tiny baby squirrel!

It wasn’t anything like what we expected, and even less what we predicted, but with Series 12 now behind us we reflect on the wild ten-week ride we just experienced. We discuss the highs and lows of the episodes in brief, the comparison to (and gamble taken with) Series 11 in contrast, the obvious impact upon long-term canon, and the repercussions for stories to come. We also include some of the great feedback contributions we’ve received from you about your takes on the finale episode and the twelfth series in total.


We want our listeners to know how closely we are with you at this period of uncertainty, concern, and disruption to every facet of our lives. We’re occupants of this same swirling blue ball, and subject to the same dangers and ailments as anyone. Our jobs, our families, our loved ones, and our livelihoods are all impacted by this global crisis, and our hearts go out to everyone both afflicted and affected.

Working as we have in this detached, digital space for years, we’re fortunate to have this little facet of our lives that is not only safe and secure, but hopefully comforting to those who are facing an indeterminate length of time removed from a large amount of interpersonal communication. We’re here, we’ve got lots of opinions about things, and you’re always welcome across our digital doorstep. The social media comments, the posts, the voicemails, everything and anything you want to share with us is not only welcomed, but it’s encouraged. We’re going to get through this, together, no matter where we physically are in time and space.

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