Classic Rewatch: The Three Doctors

Typically, we use this lead-in moment to identify some sort of parallel between the classic story we’ve been returning to, and the daily lives we lead. Sometimes, it’s the connection between the television adventure, and our own socio-political climate. Perhaps a dissertation on the disparity between the haves and the have-nots. It could even be a study on the way we deal with trauma, near-death experiences, or the futility of war. And sometimes, we throw all that aside, and say, […]

A Wise Person Once Said…

There once was a campaign in the United States for an investment broker, where the tagline read, “When <company> talks, everyone listens.” You may not have an iota of interest in the stock market, of course, but when the Doctor steps forward, takes a strengthening breath, and begins an oration, the viewing audience joins the supporting cast in rapt attention to what is about to be said. It may even be argued that within the past 3 series, the opportunities for […]

Classic Rewatch: The War Machines

Technology is an amazing thing. To think that over the span of little more than 60 years, we’ve gone from “supercomputers” the size of an office building, to one that can fit in your skinny jeans’ pocket, is really incredible when you stop to think about it. Decades ago, the only really powerful processing machines were in the hands of either universities, or the military, and the first thing they thought to do was to harness their collective power by […]

Classic Rewatch: The Gunfighters

We’ve been waiting for this for some time, and not for the reasons you might think. This third season classic story, the first set in the United States, and the first of only a few attempts at a “western” theme, has had its share of maligns and put-downs. Well frankly, we think those yella-bellied nay-sayin’ so-and-sos are just doin’ it wrong. Viewed in the right light, it’s a perfectly enjoyable (and at times, outright comedic) romp, and as we discuss, […]

Classic Rewatch: The Ark

What is a person to do when confronted with the end of your planet? Build a giant spaceship, miniaturize your entire species, enslave an alien race, and begin a journey across space that will take millennia, of course. This week, we dematerialize in time to enjoy the WIlliam Hartnell-era Doctor Who story, “The Ark.” With (Spaceman) Steven Taylor and new companion Dodo along, they certainly get the attention of the Earth vessel’s crew when Dodo’s cold becomes an epidemic. But after all, there’s […]

Classic Rewatch: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

In 1963, the world was introduced to the alien horrors of the “homicidal trash bins” known as the Daleks. As terrifying as they were to the audience of the time, there may yet have been a sense of separation from this manifestation of evil, as we (through the eyes of the TARDIS team) met them millions of years in the future, on their strange planet of Skaro. When next we find them, however, the dangers of these sinister pepperpots strikes home […]

Classic Rewatch: The Keys Of Marinus

What is one to do when one’s vehicle is locked away by a strange old keeper of an invaluable ancient technological wonder? Clearly, one must heed his demands, and go on a number of convoluted adventures to various locations, seeking the elusive McGuffin. This week, we discuss the first season’s classic story, “The Keys of Marinus.” Join us as we travel with the Doctor and company all over an alien world, looking for the titular keys in a wholly new type of storytelling for dramatic adventure tales […]

The Daleks

  What does it take to make a villain that lasts over 50 years? Apparently an early fan acceptance followed by contractual obligation. The Daleks have terrorized the Doctor since his second televised adventure and don’t show any signs of giving up any time soon. This week Haley and Jay revisit the first appearance of the Daleks and discuss their evolution, improvements, and what it will take to keep them as a viable villain moving forward. News Links: Doctor Who […]